Hamilton’s Community Climate Change Action Plan

The Hamilton Community Climate Change Action Plan is now available for viewing!

Members of the Community Climate Change Action Plan Task Force identified actions and opportunities that both encourage reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in our community and outlined ways to adapt to expected changes from climate change.  You can read the Plan and accompanying additional actions as well as individual actions (What Can I Do?) below.

Hamilton Community Climate Change Action Plan

Appendix A Climate Change 101 – Hamilton

Appendix B – Additional Opportunities

Taking Action – What Can I Do?

Sustainable Schools Action Kit


Learning the fun way is what Green Venture is all about! That’s why we put together the Sustainable Schools Action Kit for you to enjoy in your classroom and give students the opportunity to learn about the environment, climate change and taking action in their community.This kit contains a number of simple items, activities and games, and ideas related to the environment that can help make exciting changes for our world and environment. Share this package with your students and discover easy ways to decrease human impact on the environment. With the Sustainable Schools Action Kit, you can help your students learn about climate change, the environment and stewardship with the goal to actively care for the environment.The kit contains eight activities (including scripts and materials) and eco-action games that cover the following topics:

  • General Climate Change Knowledge
  • The Carbon Cycle
  • Household Impacts of Climate Change
  • Local Biodiversity
  • Common Natural Resources
  • Consumption of Natural Resources
  • Energy Conservation
  • Mitigation and Adaptation Actions

This is a pilot program, in order to assess the sustainability of this program, you will be asked to complete a feedback survey.

To book the kit, please complete this form or contact Deirdre Connell at deirdre.connell@greenventure.ca or 905-540-8787 ext 113. 

Join the Conversation: Let’s Talk About the Weather…

The City of Hamilton is working with the community to develop a Community Climate Change Action Plan to help the Hamilton community address climate change and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change that can be expected to occur in and around Hamilton over the coming decades. The plan will focus on adapting and preparing the community for the risks of climate change, such as more variable and extreme weather, more social and infrastructure stresses, risks to infrastructure, and insurance costs. It will also address reducing the community’s contributions to climate change, such as the emission of greenhouse gases, a major contributor to climate change.

We will be forming a number of Task Forces to work in more depth on theme-specific discussions over the length of developing the Plan. Learn more about these at the event or contact us at climatechange@hamilton.ca.