Climate Change Videos

Find videos listed below which explain the impacts of climate change in Hamilton or things you can do in your community to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change

Hamilton’s Climate Change Action Charter

Hamilton is the first city in Ontario to have a Climate Change Charter. Aside many other businesses, organizations, and even churches, Hamilton recognizes the issue needs to be addressed.

Carpool Zone

Calculate your savings and find your carpool partner today! Check out Smart Commute Hamilton

Getting Around Town – Sustainable Transportation

Learn what programs are available to help you get around town with out a car and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Green Buildings in Hamilton

The City of Hamilton has made some big changes to its corporate buildings in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their over all carbon footprint. So far the City has saved $23 million! Watch this video to learn how they did it and what they are planning next.

Hamilton’s Tree Planting Program

Hear from Hamilton’s Forestry Supervisor to learn more about the city’s tree planting program and how to get your FREE tree.

Idling Stinks! – Anti-Idling in Hamilton

The City of Hamilton enforces an anti-idling by-law! Not only does idling harm the environment, it costs you money.

Rain Rain Go Away – Preventing Flooding in Hamilton

When the storm clouds roll in, City of Hamilton Public Works employees keep the roadways from flooding by clearing storm ponds and catch basins.

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