Helpful Resources

Below is a list of resources and tools to get informed on climate change, take action in your community and measure your greenhouse gas emissions.


The Alliance for Water Efficiency’s Home Water Works Household Water Calculator with new features that will help you save water. The Household Water Calculator is a powerful tool that estimates where water is used in the home and provides a personalized plan to save water and energy.

carbon footprint’s Carbon Calculator. A free tool by carbon footprint to help residents calculate emissions from home, transportation and indirect sources.

Eco Driver Program. Follow these easy driving tips to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your driving, as well as save money.

EnerGuide Label Program. These labels identify the energy efficiency of a wide range of products. EnerGuide labels indicate the amount of energy used by a product relative to other similar products. The ENERGY STAR label indicates that the product is at the top of its class in energy performance resulting in lower energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions than equipment without the label, without compromising performance.

Natural Resources Canada – Fuel Consumption Ratings Comparison. Use this tool before buying a car to compare the estimated fuel consumption of various makes and models of vehicles to help select the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs.

Natural Resources Canada’s Keeping the Heat In – A Step by Step Guide to improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Natural Resources Canada – Major Appliances Information. What you need to know about appliances and tips on buying and operating.

Natural Resources Canada – How to Calculate your Fuel Consumption

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Planting Trees to Mitigate Climate Change. Trees absorb and store greenhouse gases making them an essential tool in Ontario’s fight against climate change.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment – Climate Change. What climate change is, where greenhouse gases come from, how climate change affects us and what you can do to help stop climate change.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment – Eco Tips Cheat Sheets

Ontario Ministry of the Environment – YOUR Environment: Climate Change. The benefits of fighting climate change and things you can do to stop climate change.

Ontario Power Authority – Information for Residents on Energy Conservation

Ontario Power Authority – Information for Residents on Incentive Programs

The Expert View – Frank Szadkowski is an engineer and researcher at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT). Frank tests equipment and techniques designed to increase the energy efficiency of residential homes

US Environmental Protection Agency – Climate Change: What Can You Do? This site provides over 25 easy steps you can take at home, school, the office and in the car to protect the environment and save money.

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