Business Climate Action Toolkit

On Wednesday, September 19, 2018, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington (SHB), in partnership with the City of Hamilton, local businesses and community leaders released their Business Climate Action Toolkit.  The toolkit aligns with the City of Hamilton’s Community Climate Action Plan  by addressing one of the ten priority Actions: to “create an accessible toolkit for businesses to assist with impact analysis and business continuity planning.”

The Toolkit informs local businesses of the effects of  Climate Change for their businesses, provides information on how to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, become more resilient and adapt to climate change.  It also gives a list of funding opportunities to assist with the implementation of climate change initiatives.

To access the Business Climate Action Toolkit, visit: .


City of Hamilton Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP)

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington and the City of Hamilton Announce New Innovation in Battle Against Climate Change

On October 25th, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington and the City of Hamilton are pleased to announce the release of the City of Hamilton Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP).  The BEEP is an online data visualization tool that models energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as well as a report providing guidance and tools.

The data visualization tool models energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, giving users the ability to monitor their consumption, find areas for improvement and to track successes.  This is completed through various methods including charts, graphs and an interactive map.  It also gives the option of comparing one’s businesses to other business in their size, sector location or activity.

The project also includes a comprehensive report providing guidance on using the tool, a summary of findings, and sector specific overviews of the types of initiatives undertaken by businesses and their motivations, as well as case studies.

Click here to view the City of Hamilton’s BEEP report.

Climate Change Initiative Poll

Fighting Climate Change isn’t just for governments and industry.  Everyone can reduce their carbon footprint on a personal level.  One very important way is to set personal goals and challenge you to make small changes that could potentially make a huge difference to our planet.  Here are some items, check off whether you are currently doing these or if you are planning on starting.  Remember that no one can be perfect all the time, but even small steps can lead to major results.

Please fill out the Polls below to let us know what you are already doing, and what you plan to do in the future.